Blue Ninja

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Blue Ninja
Blue Ninja.png
Type Town

Blue Ninja is an NPC that spawns after King Slime has been defeated.


Item Cost Availability
Blue Ninja Hood.png Blue Ninja Hood
2 Gold Coin During Halloween
Blue Ninja Shirt.png Blue Ninja Shirt
2 Gold Coin During Halloween
Blue Ninja Pants.png Blue Ninja Pants
2 Gold Coin During Halloween
Shuriken.png Shuriken
15 Copper Coin Always available.
Bluesteel Bar.png Bluesteel Bar
50 Silver Coin After Queen Bee is defeated.
Cobalt Ore.png Cobalt Ore
21 Silver Coin After 1 Mechanical Boss is defeated.
Invisibility Potion.png Invisibility Potion
10 Silver Coin Always available.
Blue Moon.png Blue Moon
2 Gold Coin 70 Silver Coin After Skeletron is defeated.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "I have a material that could prove useful to you, put you are not worthy of it yet."(If Queen Bee as NOT been defeated yet)
  • "I had a friend, I wonder what happened to them?"
  • "My favorite color is blue."
  • "With proper training you could become a great ninja, like me."